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I don’t think I have too much on my list this time, but I probably do. Ft. San Juan de Ulloa and Isla de Sacrificios in and near el Puerto de Veracruz I must see. I could tell you their historical significance but without photos, it just won’t be as interesting. Let’s just say that there will be tales of pirates and ritual bloodletting to tell.

Within a few hours of Veracruz City are Santiago Tuxtlas, where one of the colossal Olmec heads lies in the town square, and Tlacotalpan, a World Heritage site whose tranquil beauty is well known among travelers to this part of Mexico. I just hope my camera survives the punishment of constant use that’s in store.

El Tajin is a must, to see the Huastec ruins that predate the Aztecs (pictured in the header photo), as is the Xalapa Anthropology Museum for its collection of cabezas colossales. A couple of days will be spent exploring Xalapa, Xico, Coatepec and Naolinco. Possibly a visit to La Antigua and the home of Hernan Cortez may happen on the return trip to Veracruz City before my flight back.

It doesn’t seem like too much for two and a half weeks, but there’s also the shopping. Even if I’m not buying (ha), I love the mercados and checking out everything. And who knows what else I’ll find to do, once I’m there.


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