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Final Thoughts

Now that I’m back home in chilly Virginia, I’m starting to go through my photos. I’ll go back through the blog and post more of them plus fill in a few details that were left out while I was on the road.

I’m ashamed to report that I did not fill up my one gig camera chip. There were still a few hundred bytes of free space on it when I got home. I lugged around that spare one gig chip all over creation for nothing. Nor did I use up the 20-pack of AA batteries I brought along. Half the pack is still unused.

I have to admit I did get a little weary of photographing everything from time to time and tried simply to enjoy the moment a time or two. However, after observing Steve Silversard, aka The Genuine Tourist, hard at work photographing everything in sight several times over the week I spent with him and Mrs. Sardo, I felt like a slacker. I resolve to do better next time.

I look forward to future trips to Mexico.

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Chatchkes on Parade

Here are the results of my prowlings for trinkets.


This little mask is actually an ocarina and is only about an inch
and a quarter in width. I found it in one of the shops on
Callejon Diamante in Xalapa.


Another ocarina, about two inches high.


Made in Oaxaca, bought in Xalapa.


A ceramic pitcher I got at the Naolinco market.
Can you believe it was only forty cents?!


But then, it doesn’t hold much.


A rock, painted as a frog by a Xalapa artist.

A jarocha dancer, bought in Veracruz, four and one-quarter inches tall
A larger dancer, seven and a half inches tall
Horse carrying firewood, about 4.5 inches tall
Forgot to tell you, I bought a house in Veracruz.
Getting ahead in Veracruz is easy.

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